Joy Bouquets – Spreading some Joy and Love to Those Who Need It Most!

Some of you may have noticed, whether just by walking around the Foley area or by watching our Facebook page, our Valentine’s Day Joy Bouquets.

The most asked question we tend to get regarding our Joy Bouquets is basically, “Why are you doing this?”

Well here is one story that explains the whole idea.

JoyBoquet PO Katie and her husband went to a doctor’s appointment one day to have some tests done concerning their fertility. They are in their early thirties and have been trying to have a baby, but had been unsuccessful so far. Regrettably they received bad news. After hearing about their slim chances of being able to have their dream baby, their day turned from being one filled with hope to one filled with sadness. They decided to stop at the post office in Foley to drop off a letter and check their mail. Right next to their P.O. Box was a rose sitting on the counter. After reading the note that said that the bouquet was free for anyone who needs a little more joy and love in their day, she picked it up and gave it to her husband. The bouquet put a smile on both of their faces and she said it was exactly what they needed that day. She was so grateful and so excited to see that there is still joy and love in this crazy world of ours. I know that there isn’t anyone else who deserved that bouquet more than Katie and her husband.

That is just one of countless examples of people who have given and/or received one of our bouquets. We put them around town for people to find because we believe that there can never be too much joy and love in the world.

If you agree with us, then keep an eye out for more Joy Bouquets around the Foley area. Check out our Facebook page for more stories like this one and to see when our next batch of Joy Bouquets is on the way out into the world so that you can help us spread the joy and love to people who need it the most.

Let us know of any random acts of kindness you have witnessed or performed yourself!

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