Finding the Perfect Hostess Gift

Whether you’re a dinner guest or a weekend visitor,
Southerners know to never show up empty-handed.


Hostess gifts remain a strong southern tradition, indicating good manners and an appreciation for tradition.  The ideal hostess gift should be tasteful and elegant, reflecting the character of the hostess.

Flowers are an excellent expression of thanks, particularly if the recipient is not well known to the giver.  You will put a smile on their face with chocolates or a fruit basket. Fine soaps and lotions are also on the list of appropriate thank you’s.

Choosing flowers for your host/hostess is easier than you might think. For a sit down dinner think about a low arrangement of roses and lilies that dress up the table without blocking the view of the other guests.  Buffet styled events are more casual and a pretty arrangement of seasonal flowers in a vase will work wonderfully.  To hit a perfect home run with your host or hostess look for clues within the invitation.  Is the event a celebration, business dinner, or holiday party? Share this information with our Design staff and we will help you select the perfect bouquet or hostess gift.

A beautiful arrangement of flowers arriving hours before the event let’s your host/hostess know that you appreciate their invitation and their efforts in planning and hosting the event.  Flowers delivered afterwards can also work in your favor as you can pick up clues as to style and color of the host/ hostess’ home at the event to aide in selecting the perfect arrangement. Make sure and include a proper thank you card thanking your host/hostess for a wonderful evening.

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